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Welcome to AV Discount Delivery

  Operating hours (Subject to Change) 

  7 Days a Week (12pm-7pm



    ( We Come To You )

Designed for your convenience, we are a delivery only cannabis dispensary that strives to provide the highest quality cannabis products packed in a discreet, scent proof package, driven directly to you.


( Wide Variety of products )

We carry a wide variety of cannabis products to make shopping a breeze. We provide many different varieties including Indica and Sativa strains as well as hybrids that draw qualities from both. We select only the best quality, professionally cured and grown, true quality flower. From the very best in edibles to the purest of concentrates. AV Discount takes pride in offering cannabis products for your needs.


  ( Minimum Order Amount )

AV Discount has minimum order amounts that depend on your delivery location. Minimum order amounts are as follows - 

-$40 West & East Lancaster

-$40 Quartz Hill

-$60 East & West Palmdale

-$60 East Lancaster passed 40th E

-$80 East Palmdale Passed 20th E

-$120 Little Rock, Lake LA, Rosamond, & Lake Elizabeth

*If you would like to place an order under the minimum, we offer a delivery fee:

-$5 Lancaster

-$10 Palmdale

-$20 Little Rock, Rosamond, Lake LA & Lake Elizabeth

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